Southern Oregon, Grants Pass, Guitar Repair

Guitar Action-Set-up-Adjustments;
*Our complete Set Up includes: A truss rod adjustment, string height adjustment, string replacement, nut slot adjustments, bridge radius adjustment, pick-up height adjustment, tuner lube, intonation adjustment,  condition fret board,  general guitar cleaning and polish   $85.00

Guitar Fret Work;
*Full fret board level, crown and polish  $135.00
*Full fret board crown and polish Only  $85.00
*Complete Re-fret -(Remove & replace all frets), Plus a level Crown and Polish $285.00
*Complete Re-fret -(Necks with binding), Plus a level Crown and Polish $385.00
*Single Fret Replacement (includes level, crown and polish) $25.00 each fret.
*File Fret Ends (smooth those sharp fret ends) $25.00 min. Full Fret Board $75.00
*Fret board repairs performed at shop rate of $45.00

Miscellaneous Common Guitar Repairs;
*Adjust Bridge radius and height $25.00-$45.00
*Adjust guitar Intonation $25.00-$45.00
*Adjust guitar nut Slot depth to proper / preferred width and height $25.00-$45.00
*Truss Rod adjustment $25.00
*Intonate Bridge – Floyd Rose Locking Style $25.00
*Repair Chips/Cracks/Scratches prices will vary by repair $45.00 per hour
*Electirc & Acoutsic guitar clean, buff, and polish $45.00-$65.00

Electronics / Pick-Up’s / Wiring (*Parts & modification Not Included)
*Acoustic Guitar Pick-Up install – $45.00-$65.00
*Electric Pick-Up install – Active $45.00-$65.00 (Modifications charged a shop rate).
*Active electric guitar pick up install $45.00-$65.00 (Modifications charged a shop rate).
*Complete acoustic pick up rewire “F” Hole guitars add $25.00 to $100.00
*Replace Output Jack “F” Hole guitars add $25.00 + parts
*Replace Potentiometer-Volume or Tone “F” Hole add $25.00 ea. +parts
*Install new electric guitar selector switch $25.00 (Parts & Restring fee not included)
*Install Mini-Toggle for custom wiring $25.00 +parts
*Electirc guitar copper shielding  $60.00 (Parts & Restring fee not included)
*Electric guitar wiring modifications $25-00-$45.00 (Parts & Restring fee not included)
*Routing modifications -Per hour charge -Minimum 1 hour for routing

This is a basic list of possible repairs. If you don’t see the service you need listed please call for an estimate.  Minimum Charge $25.00,  Hourly shop rate is $45.00- $65

Repairs performed by Kurt Orton of Fire River Music, or Apprntice Jeff Crockett. Grants Pass Oregon repairs all acoustic and electric fretted instruments -including guitars, basses, mandolin family instruments, ukuleles, banjos and more. Master Luthier Kirt Orton, Apprentice Jeff Crockett