R-dawg Vintage Assembly Guitars

Mark Dybvig playing an Original Rdawg Cream Vintage Assembly guitarMark Dybvig with Rubella Graves. Mark is know for his musical contributions with “ Thrillbilly, The Lonsomes, and Rubella Graves“. Mark is well known, and respected, in and around the Portland / Vancouver music scene as a player filled with a one of a kind sweet tone…Rdawg can personally attest to that..! Check this out….

Mark Dybvig “I really love your Vintage Cream R-dawg. The way it plays and feels is amazing. Great tone, great feel….very playable…I love it. “Kinda surprised really, I’m finding myself playing the Rdawg during most of our practice time with Rubella Graves.” The band says, man…!! we really like the sound of that guitar..!” $675.00…? $1675 would be reasonable for such a great playing guitar…! Keep up the great work Rdawg..!

Picture link of Chris Graves of Colonel Mustard Band

Chris Graves With Colonel Mustard. “As this band was forming, I was driving to our former keyboard player’s house, and it just popped into my head,” said Chris Graves, guitarist and vocalist. “I thought, Colonel Mustard, or Professor Plum, then I thought we could all be a character from Clue.” More..

Chris Graves, “I was really impressed with the Rdawg Vintage Red, & the Vintage Blue models. They both felt like guitars that I had been playing for years.  Jeff has really dialed in the tone these babies put out!”  Great job Jeff..!

Picture of Howard Hori_ link to WebpageHoward Hori with Moods and Memories of the 70’s. For over four decades Howard has been playing professionally, culminating his versatile skills and unique styles on guitar and keyboard into a solo presentation.Centered on the music of the 1970’s Howard creates an easy listening style meant for gatherings of classy ambiance with a variety of selections meant to evoke memories of a decade past. Howard likes sharing his enjoyment of music in intimate venues where his  performance can complement social gatherings,not dominate them, such as small restaurants and wineries.

Howard Hori, ” The R-Dawg has a tonal palette unequaled to any other strat I’ve played.  Its unique ability to bring in and out the middle pickup in every position is amazing!  The intonation and action is perfect and Jeff’s standard of excellence, integrity and eye for details are most apparent on this guitar.  It’s always a pleasure and great experience to both work with Jeff and play this R-Dawg!”