R-dawg Cream Vintage Assembly Guitar

Picture of the R-dawg Cream Vintage Assembly

Mark Dybvig playing an Original Rdawg Cream Vintage Assembly guitarMark Dybvig with Rubella Graves. Mark is know for his musical contributions with “ Trillbilly, The Lonsomes, and Rubella Graves“. Mark is well known, and respected, in and around the Portland / Vancouver music scene as a player filled with a one of a kind sweet tone…Rdawg can personally attest to that..! Check this out….

Mark Dybvig “I really love your Vintage Cream R-dawg. The way it plays and feels is amazing. Great tone, great feel….very playable…I love it. “Kinda surprised really, I’m finding myself playing the Rdawg during most of our practice time with Rubella Graves.” The band says, man…!! we really like the sound of that guitar..!” $675.00…? $1675 would be reasonable for such a great playing guitar…! Keep up the great work Rdawg..!