Looking for some new tones?

Looking for some new tones? In this video, Fender University offers three options to achieve guitar tones in the style of Eric Clapton. These suggestions, at various price points, will give you a starting point and get you close to the famous guitar tones you’re looking for. The video features a Mustang amp preset that you can download at http://fuse.fender.com – just search for Tone Tips. Have fun!

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R-dawg Blue Vintage Assembly

Picture of the Rdawg Blue Vintage Assembly Guitar

Picture of Howard Hori_ link to WebpageHoward Hori with Moods and Memories of the 70’s.For over four decades Howard has been playing professionally, culminating his versatile skills and unique styles on guitar and keyboard into a solo presentation.Centered on the music of the 1970’s Howard creates an easy listening style meant for gatherings of classy ambiance with a variety of selections meant to evoke memories of a decade past. Howard likes sharing his enjoyment of music in intimate venues where his  performance can complement social gatherings,not dominate them, such as small restaurants and wineries.

Howard Hori, ” Coming soon…”

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Vintage 1970 Tele fret level, crown, and polish.

Just off the bench
….Rdawgs repair shop just completed a complete fret board level, crown, and polish on a Sweet Vintage 1970 Fender Telecaster….!! This beauty belongs to Mark Dybvig from Vancouver Wa. Mark is know for his musical contributions with “The Thrillbilly, The Lonesomes, and Rubella Graves“. Mark is well know in and around the Portland Vancouver music scene as a player who has fingers filled with a one of a kind sweet tone…I can personally attest to that..! Check this out….

Mark Dybvig Fender Telecaster

tele-undergoing-a-fret-leveling-2 tele-undergoing-a-fret-leveling

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Chris Shiflett New Telecaster

Chris Shiflett has his feet firmly planted in two worlds—with impeccable punk/hard rock credentials as longtime guitarist in the Foo Fighters, and with an authentic love for country, as heard in side project Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants. His abiding love for Telecasters and for huge humbucking sound now comes together in one kickass new instrument with his name on it—the Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe.

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American Fender Guitars

ABC World News Tonight’s “Made in America” series has made a visit to Fender’s Corona, California manufacturing site to chronicle Fender Musical Instrument’s USA roots. The piece includes some of Fenders best known players AND the folks that build all those great guitars. Rich Macdonald, Fender’s Executive Vice President welcomes the news show’s host, David Muir to the Corona, California Welcome Center and teaches him at least one chord to play on a Strat.
Of course, Fender makes guitars in Mexico, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries, too. But that part wasn’t mentioned in the news piece.
Check out the video below to see the whole segment. Fender has a new CEO (again, 3rd one in a year), new marketing staff headquartered in Burbank, California, and a new emphasis on the almighty BRAND. So, this national news puff piece couldn’t come at a better time.

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